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"The best way to know who you are, is to know who you come from"

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Discovering You

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Discovering You Genealogically can help you uncover those who made you, you. Ariana Fiorello is a Historian, Anthropologist, and Professional Genealogist. Ariana combines her loves for both fields to help her clients discover their family's history and their own unique individuality.

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Discovering You is proud to be a member of  DNA Huntress . DNA Huntress is a group of professional genealogists who took their passion for family history to the next level. As graduates of Boston University's (BU) 15-week intensive Genealogical Research certificate program, we are prepared to help others with their family research needs. We know research techniques, how to follow the standards, document, and report the results to you. Some of us have also had additional education, for example, in DNA analysis.   
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"Was never too big on genealogy, but when my parents passed away, I was curious to know where they came from. Surprised at some of the stories I learned of my ancestors. The fact that my great-grandfather died as a result of a homicide, truly shocked me."


"I thought I had all the information. I had done years of research. I was amazed what new information was uncovered, and even more, that i had a posssible slave master and some possible free people of color in my ancestry. Can't wait to get my DNA results back to further help unearth the mysteries."


"Knowing the family that likely owned my family, puts everything in a new perspective and I am so thankful to have this information. The truth about slavery is sad, but knowing my ancestors truly endured it gives me a sense of strength."

Mary & Carl

"We both questioned our ancestry for ourselves and our children. Now we have the confirmation we've been looking for. My husband is thrilled to know more about his father's family from Italy and I'm just happy to confirm my Irish roots."